Bond County Assessments Update

Fifteen property owners attended the Bond County Board’s meeting last Thursday, upset with their property assessments.

Eleven more watched online.

Bond County Supervisor of Assessments Georgia Shank has issued a press release regarding changes she will be making. Board members and Shank received citizen questions and comments after assessment notices were sent. The county board requested the release be issued and it was available at Thursday’s meeting.

Shank reported a 1.174 local equalization factor was added to all Bond County parcels in anticipation of lower tax rates and to lower the state multiplier.

She indicated that equalization factor should not have been added to the most recently reassessed parcels, due to pushing those properties over their fair cash market value.

Shank said the 1.174 local equalization factor will be removed from the most recently reassessed parcels.

Bond County change of assessment notices will be sent and re-published in the local newspaper the week of July 24.

That means the process to appeal property assessments will start over and the Board of Review will be in session 30 days following the publication.

When the Board of Review concludes its work, the final abstract will be sent to the Illinois Department of Revenue so the tax process can continue. Shank advised this process will cause tax bills to be sent out later this year.

Anyone with questions can call the Supervisor of Assessments Office at 664-2848 or stop by the office at 206 West Main in Greenville , Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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