GHS Ag Teacher Receives Grant

Greenville High School agriculture teacher Dodie Cripe received quite a surprise last week.

Dodie is in her second school year as GHS ag teacher.

She is one of four ag teachers in the state to be given the Illinois Agricultural Education Teacher grant, which totals $10,000 over in a five-year period. The program is designed to retain beginning ag teachers.

Dodie was excited to get the personal grant. She said the grant is designed to encourage retention in first-year ag teachers. She’s one of four in the state to receive it this year. She was surprised by all of her ag students Tuesday, which was the day before her birthday. She said she appreciated the grant as well as the IAA Foundation and Illinois Farm Bureau.

Click below to hear more of her comments:

The total of $10,000 will be received if Dodie follows the reapplication process, confirming she remains active as an agricultural education teacher in Illinois.

Representatives from the Bond County Farm Bureau and the Facilitating Coordination in Agricultural Education were at the ceremony to award the grant to Dodie.

Dodie with Kara Harris and Steve Zimmerman from Greenville High School
Dodie Langham with representatives of the IAA Foundation and Illinois Farm Bureau
Dodie with her family
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