Registration Now Open For HSHS Holy Family Hospital Fall 2023 Health Fair

HSHS Holy Family Hospital will host a health fair Tuesday, Oct. 24 from 6 a.m. to noon at First Christian Church, 1100 Killarney Drive in Greenville.

Starting Thursday, Sept. 21, those wanting to attend must register for an appointment online at Registration will close Wednesday, Oct. 11. There are limited spots available and on-site registration will not be accepted. If you are unable to register online, you can call 618-690-3599 for assistance.

The health fair is a self-pay service. No payments will be taken at the time of pre-registration; payment will be expected the day of the health fair by cash or check only. Participants are strongly encouraged to arrive with exact cash or a check written out totaling the amount of the services they are to have on the day of the health fair. Checks should be made payable to HSHS.

Holy Family Hospital will not bill your insurance plan for any services rendered. You may submit your health fair receipt to your insurance plan, but Holy Family Hospital will not be able to provide an insurance claim.

To ensure health fair attendees receive test results in a timely manner, Holy Family Hospital will post results to attendees’ MyHSHS accounts as well as mail all test results to participants in approximately three weeks following the health fair. It is free and easy to create a MyHSHS account:

Go to

Login or create a MyHSHS account by clicking “Sign Up Now.” Be sure to use your full proper name that is noted in your HSHS Holy Family Hospital medical record or HSHS Medical Group doctor’s office.

No test results will be mailed or faxed to a participant’s health care provider. The responsibility for initiating follow-up examinations for abnormalities identified at the health fair lies with the person responsible for their own health and not with any participating organization.

Participants can elect to receive the following screenings at the listed prices to offset fees:

Comprehensive Blood Screenings ($45)

This screening includes complete blood chemistry, cholesterol and lipids, cardiac risk profile, anemia test, complete blood count, kidney and liver function and thyroid screening. A 10-hour fast is required.

Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) Screenings ($15)

This screening is for men only. A doctor uses these results along with an exam to screen for prostate cancer. The American Cancer Society recommends that men should receive the PSA annually, beginning at age 50 or begin at age 45 if considered “high risk.” This includes African Americans and men who have a close relative who had prostate cancer before age 65, or close relative with prostate cancer at an early age; then testing can begin at age 40.

Hemoglobin A1C ($10)

This test measures the average blood glucose of diabetics during a two- to three-month period. This test is recommended for those with or at-risk for diabetes.

Vitamin D Screening ($15)

This screening helps detect vitamin D deficiency, needed for calcium absorption and strong bones.

Screenings with a 10-hour fast as previously identified require drinking water only, no gum, hard candy, sugar, or sweeteners. Be sure to drink plenty of water before coming to the health fair to have your labs drawn. Please wear short-sleeved shirts and coats that are easily removed to make the process easier.

For more information about HSHS Holy Family Hospital’s health fair, call 618-690-3599 or visit

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