Turkey Bowling At Capri IGA

Monday, November 20, Capri IGA in Greenville will offer a unique sporting experience…Turkey Bowling. Tyler Morse, the new owner of Capri IGA in Greenville and Hillsboro, told us Turkey Bowling is exactly what you think it is. One lane of the store will be closed from 2 to 4 PM on Monday, November 20, and customers will have the chance to bowl a frozen turkey down the aisle to hit bowling pins. He said the store partnered with their wholesaler, UFNI, Prairie Farms, and Pepsi, and will have 16 turkeys and some other items to give away as prizes.

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There will be smaller turkeys for kids to try their turkey bowling hand with.

Turkey Bowling will take place at the Hillsboro store on Tuesday, November 21st, also from 2 to 4 PM.

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