Turok Pleads Not Guilty To Bank Robbery

The Greenville man charged in Bond County Circuit Court with robbing the Bank of Hillsboro on October 25 wants a jury trial.

Brett S. Turok, age 38, pleaded not guilty in circuit court to the felony charge of financial institution robbery. He waived his right to a preliminary hearing and demanded a trial by jury, which has been scheduled to start January 22, 2024.

It’s alleged that Turok, by use of intimidation, took unauthorized control of currency from the bank. Greenville police reported the defendant allegedly passed a note to a teller and did not display a weapon.

After Turok left the bank, police learned he was in a vehicle which was spotted by a state trooper on Interstate 70. The trooper followed the vehicle, in which Turok was a passenger.

Turok was taken into custody less than an hour and a half after the robbery, when the driver of the vehicle stopped after turning off at the Route 4 exit.

The defendant is being held without bail.

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