Davis Found Criminally Insane In Attempted Murder, Arson Case

Austin R. Davis, age 25, of the Pierron area was recently in Bond County Circuit Court for a bench trial on several charges dating back to February 19, 2023.

Circuit Judge Christopher Bauer ruled that State’s Attorney Dora Mann had presented evidence beyond a reasonable doubt that Davis committed the offenses of attempted first degree murder, aggravated arson, domestic battery – enhanced offense, aggravated cruelty to an animal and resisting a peace officer.

The judge also ruled that Defense Attorney John Abel had proven Davis was criminally insane at the time of the crimes.

Davis was remanded to the Illinois Department of Human Services for evaluation.

The state alleged the defendant, on February 23 of last year, intended to kill a female by attempting to confine her in a burning house near Pierron. The aggravated cruelty charge was the result of a dog perishing in the fire.

In March of last year, Judge Bauer, after reviewing a fitness evaluation report, found Davis unfit to stand trial.

The defendant is still charged with aggravated battery and resisting a peace officer, charges stemming from an incident that occurred March 6, 2023, while Davis was being held in the Bond County Jail.

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