Early Voting Begins For Primary Election

The primary election in Illinois is Tuesday, March 19.

Bond County Clerk Meg Sybert reported to WGEL that early voting began on February 8 and will continue until the day before the primary election. She has sample ballots in her office if you would like to review them. You can either just vote on the sales tax referendum, or you can pick a party to cast a ballot.

If you signed up for permanent vote by mail, those letters were mailed out on February 8. If you don’t want that ballot, you can bring it to Sybert’s office.

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Residents must be registered to vote early or they can go to the county clerk’s office, register, and vote at the same time. Hours are 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on weekdays.

From February 21 through election day, those who are not registered can do so at the county clerk’s office but are required to vote at that time with grace voting.

The referendum has been placed on the ballot by the Bond County Board. The question is ”To pay for public safety purposes, shall Bond County be authorized to impose an increase to its share of local sales tax by one percent?”

That would be an additional one cent per dollar for sales tax on tangible property bought at retail.

It would not apply to sales of qualifying food, drugs and medical equipment or items that must be titled or registered by an agency of Illinois state government.

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