Event Benefits Unit Two Students With Cancer

It was billed as a Shave-A-Thon, but it was really an outpouring of love.

The Shave-A-Thon part was the shaving of hair on five Unit 2 staff members. The outpouring of love was for two district students battling cancer.

They are Bianka Gleason, a freshman at Greenville  High School, and Brody Haston, a third grader at Greenville Elementary School.

Bianka & Brody
Adam, Brody & Max Haston

Students from the high school and GES sat in the high school gym bleachers to watch the five participants get their haircuts. They were GES Principal Eric Swingler, GES Custodian Gail Smith, Pocahontas School paraprofessional Jackie Sackett,  GHS English Teacher Ellie Winthrop, and GHS Social Studies Teacher Ryan D’Arcy.

They sat in their own chairs on the gym floor waiting to be clipped. Doing the hair cutting were Brody, with assistance from his twin brother, Max, and Ambrea Doll, a cancer survivor who is a student at the high school. Bianka was in attendance but did not cut hair.

When the cutting began, many of the students and staff  in the bleachers roared with laughter while the hair cutting was underway.

What brought everyone together and led to the Shave-A-Thon was the schools conducting fundraising drives for Brody and Bianka. The event concluded with checks for $1,700 being given to each of them.

GHS Principal Kara Harris and GES Principal; Swinger said the event was very meaningful to everyone in attendance. Harris said everyone may know some things about each other, but we don’t all know exactly what every family is going through. She noted there were many people in that room who’s families have been affected by cancer and it means everything to see the kids come together, raise money, and support each other. Swingler said the effort to get behind a great cause is amazing and shows how tight knit and strong the community is.

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After Brody and Ambrea completed their work, professionals from Clippety-doo Dah in Greenville finished up the haircuts. They were Amy Bohannon, Paige Theising, and Olivia Mosley.

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