STEM Club Members Earn HAM Radio Licenses

Members of the Greenville Junior High School STEM Club have obtained their Amateur HAM Radio licenses, after attending sessions led by the Okaw Valley Amateur Radio Club.

The students immersed themselves in learning radio communications principles, regulations, and practical skills. Okaw Valley members believe the partnership by the two groups showcases the importance of community collaboration in enriching educational experiences.

Attainment of the licenses not only equips students with valuable skills, but also opens doors to opportunities in emergency communication and public service.

Earning their licenses were Milan Hustedde, Jay Neer,  Ryder Johnson, Nolan Prater, Lukas Simmonds,  Ezra Van Middendorp,  Jackson Wood.

The Okaw Valley Club presented new handheld radios to each student who passed the FCC exam and obtained their amateur radio call signs.

In recognizing the seven students, STEM Instructor Jackie Blumer said she’s honored to guide and support these aspiring young minds as they navigate the exciting journey of STEM education.

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