City Water Meter Transmitter Replacement Ordinance Passed

In 2017, the City of Greenville began reading water meters with a radio transmitter system. This allows the city to read meters each month without visiting them in person.

Almost all of the  meters in the city are equipped with transmitters. There is a box inside the lid and a plastic disc attached to the outside of the lid, which has a rise of approximately one-half inch.

There have been problems with the transmitter discs being hit with lawn mowers or damaged in other ways.

Tuesday night, the Greenville City Council passed an ordinance to address the situation. Up to now, the city has been replacing the transmitters, at no charge to the resident. The cost to the city is $200 per transmitter.

The ordinance passed by the council states the city will replace the transmitter at no charge the first time. The second time and each occasion thereafter will result in the customer being billed $200.

City Manager Jo Hollenkamp said the city will reach out to residents to make them aware of the ordinance via a flyer in the next utility bills. She emphasized that the city will be alerted if the transmitter is hit and they’ll notify the resident, along with a reminder that the first one is free and they’ll be responsible to pay for subsequent replacements.

Hollenkamp also noted the transmitters are very handy as they enable the city to alert residents to a possible leak or running toilet that could otherwise drive a bill up.

Click below to hear her comments:

It was reported at the meeting that damage to transmitters happens a lot.

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