Living History At GES

History was on display last week in the form of Greenville Elementary School fourth graders.

The annual Living History was presented at the school.

Students researched a person from the past, then turned themselves into athletes, presidents, entertainers, and other historical figures.

Caroline Elders as Lucille Ball
Griffin Rogers as Lego toy company founder Ole Kirk Christiansen
Kellan Barber as John Adams
Lila Tally as veterinarian Elinor McGrath

Fourth Grade Teacher Stephanie Tebbe oversees the Living History Program. She told WGEL’s Jeff Leidel she is very proud of the students. Tebbe said the students – about 92 in total – have worked very hard and did a great job with their projects. The students got to represent new historical figures this year, including Whitney Houston, Anne Frank, and more.

Tebbe said the project gives the students a lot of pride and helps them get out of their shell and their comfort zone and improves public speaking skills.

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Other students, parents, grandparents, and friends visited the fourth graders, who were set up in the gymnasium and a couple of classrooms.

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