Greenville High School Graduating Seniors Recognized With Awards

The Bond County Unit 2 High School Academic Foundation Senior Awards Program was held last week in the auditorium.

Many students were presented special awards and scholarships.

Receiving Departmental Awards were Bryce  Siebert in agriculture, Amanda Begg for art, Kinley Grove in band, Wyatt Emken in chorus, Avery Mendenhall in business, Cora Miller in English, Kayda McNeely in family and consumer sciences, Ellie Schaufelberger in Spanish, Nathan Heckman in vocational education, Jesse Zhu  in mathematics, Kaitlyn Washburn in biological science, Katie Campbell in physical science, and Nico Waugh in social studies.

Senior Greenville High School students receiving departmental awards included (front l-r) Nathan Heckman, Kayda McNeely, Kaitlyn Washburn, Ellie Schaufelberger, Kinley Grove, Nico Waugh, (back l-r) Jesse Zhu, Ava Mendenhall, Katie Campbell, Wyatt Emken, Cora Miller and Bryce Siebert. Not pictured is Amanda Begg.

Also announced as the winners of the Sportsmanship Award were Katie Campbell and Hudson Alstat.

Twenty-five local scholarships were presented to students. Recipients included Hudson Alstat,  Katie Campbell, Hunter Clark,  Sidney Griffin, Elusha Golovay,  Kinley Grove, Trystan McClain, Kayda McNeely, Avery Mendenhall, Stella Lagermann,  Jack Meyer, Carah Miller,  Canon Rainey, Ellie Schaufelberger, Delaney Smith, Grace Sperandio, Jacob Sperandio,  Kolbie Tipsword, Kaitlyn Washburn,  and Rylee Waters.

Principal Kara Harris announced that so far, the seniors have amassed more than $1.5 million in scholarships.

Other scholarship winners, listed in the program, are Brooke Anderson, Xavior Graham, Emma Haller, Shayna Henderson, Madison Hook, Mylee Kessinger, Grace Leonhard, Natalie McCullough, Cora Miller, Alexandra Pichaske, Ivan Powell, Ashton Walker,   and Jesse Zhu.

Sixteen seniors are graduating this Sunday afternoon as summa cum laude students with grade point averages of 3.9 and higher. They are Hudson Alstat, Amanda Begg, Katie Campbell, Wyatt Emken, Kinley Grove, Trystan McClain, Natalie McCullough, Avery Mendenhall, Carah Miller, Cora Miller, Tiffany Rohr, Ellie Schaufelberger, Jacob Sperandio, Kolbie Tipsword,  Kaitlyn Washburn, and Rylee Waters.

Summa Cum Laude students (GPA 3.9 to 4.0+) at GHS are (front l-r) Carah Miller, Cora Miller, Riffany Rohr, Kinley Grove, Rylee Waters, Ellie Schaufelberger, Kaitlyn Washburn, (back l-r) Trystan McClain, Jacob Sperandio, Ava Mendenhall, Kolbie Tipsword, Natalie McCullough, Wyatt Emken, Katie Campbell and Hudson Alstat.

The group of magna cum laude students, with GPAs of 3.7 to 3.89, includes Abigail Borwick, Shayna Henderson, Mylee Kessinger, Canon Rainey, Dustin Rehkemper, Grace Sperandio, Nico Waugh, and Jesse Zhu.

Students earning Magna Cum Laude recognition for GPAs of 3.7 to 3.89 are (l-r) Jesse Zhu, Canon Rainey, Dustin Rehkemper, Mylee Kessinger, Abigail Borwick, Grace Sperandio, Nico Waugh and Shayna Henderson.

Cum laude students, with GPAs of 3.5 to 3.69, are Aidan Andris, Nathan Heckman, Bryce Siebert, Delaney Smith, Delaney Stricker, Bailey Unterbrink, Noah VonderHaar, and Aidan Williams.

Cum Laude students (with GPAs 0f 3.5 to 3.69) include (l-r) Bailey Unterbrink, Aidan Andris, Delaney Smith, Bryce Siebert, Delaney Stricker, Aidan Williams and Nathan Heckman. Not pictured is Noah VonderHaar.
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