KPD Letter To Sargis Stands

In late April, the Kingsbury Park District Board issued a letter to Mark Sargis, alleging actions by him pertaining to the pickle ball construction project.

On May 1, Sargis presented a letter to the park district, stating the KPD letter contained factual errors and statements that are false and misleading. He  wrote he must receive a public retraction letter by or before May 14, “or I will be forced to consider filing a civil lawsuit for defamation and false light. “

The situation was a major topic at Tuesday night’s Kingsbury Park District Board meeting.

After an executive session of about one hour and 40 minutes, in which Sargis was allowed to go in and speak for a few minutes, the board, by a split vote, stood behind its letter issued on April 22.

Upon coming out of closed session, Board President Barb Smith made a motion to adjourn, then Board Member Greg Sanders said he wanted to make a motion. When no second was made to the adjournment motion, Sanders was able to make his. It was to “request that legal counsel engage in a settlement discussion with Mr. Sargis pertaining to the threat of pending litigation.”

The motion failed to pass 3-2. Voting “yes” were Greg Sanders and Lynn Ulmer. “No” votes were cast by Barb Smith,  BJ Schneck, and  Joellen Vohlken.

That means the KPD letter, approved April 22 on a 5-0 vote of the board, stands.

It stated, “The Kingsbury Park District hereby requests that you cease any communications with its contractors, vendors and the public to the extent you are making representations or implying from your actions that you have the authority to speak on behalf of  or represent KPD.”

Attorneys Jeff Mollet and Eric Hyam, from Silver Lake Group, were in attendance at Tuesday’s meeting to represent the park district.

You can read the letter issued by the KPD and, below that, the letter from Sargis to the park district.

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