City Buying Tornado Siren

City of Greenville

A new weather warning siren will be going up at Governor Bond Lake, north of Greenville.

At the June meeting, the Greenville City Council approved the purchase of the siren. The cost is $51,575. The expense was budgeted.

The council first discussed the siren situation in the summer of 2022. City Manager Jo Hollenkamp said the siren at the site, which is over 40 years old, hadn’t worked for several years. It was originally located at city hall and when a new one was installed, it was moved to the lake.

The property where the old siren sits is not in the city limits.  Officials asked the Bond County Board in recent months if it would be willing to pay for half of the cost.

The county board reported it did not have money for a siren but was looking into a possible grant. The county then learned the city had decided to fully purchase a new siren.

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