HSHS St. Joseph’s Hospital Breese Partnership Offers Hearing Implants

HSHS St. Joseph’s Hospital Breese announced they are partnering with Cochlear Provider Network (CPN) to provide a comprehensive set of hearing health solutions that go beyond hearing aids.

The CPN connects independent audiology practices dedicated to treating hearing loss with all solutions, to surgeons who are interested in raising hearing implant awareness. By offering the ability to assess candidacy for implantable hearing solutions, as well as programming services and ongoing care, St. Joseph’s Hospital is now able to fully address the needs of patients for whom hearing aids have stopped providing meaningful benefit.

“We can help patients regain access to sound and their lives by introducing them to hearing implants when their current solutions cause frustration or dissatisfaction,” said Abigail Stutz, Audiologist at St. Joseph’s Hospital. “We are pleased to be part of the Cochlear Provider Network with area surgeons because it allows us to continue involvement in our patients’ hearing journey throughout the entire implant process.”

Stutz added that the requirements for candidates to receive hearing implants have expanded in recent years, so even those who may not have thought they could benefit from the technologies in the past could be considered for a dual solution of a cochlear implant along with a traditional hearing aid.

With this expansion of services, patients can request an evaluation or more information by calling 618-526-1421. Evaluations are usually covered by insurance, but patients are directed to contact their insurance provider to confirm coverage.

Provider consistency is vitally important to maintaining patient comfort levels throughout the entire continuum of patient care. CPN audiologists not only have the opportunity to connect their medically qualified patients with an existing, established implant center, they have the ability to assess the patient for implant candidacy before surgery, while also providing activation and programming services after surgery. Alternatively, participating CPN surgeons benefit from the opportunity to work with patients who may have never been exposed to the option of implants, which means bringing implant services much closer to those who need them, improving accessibility and convenience.

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