KPD Board Member Addresses Letter

On April 22, the Kingsbury Park District Board unanimously approved a motion to issue a letter to Mark Sargis, alleging actions by him pertaining to the construction of pickle ball courts at William Wait Park.

At Monday night’s park board meeting, Commissioner Lynn Ulmer stood in front of the five people in the audience, with the rest of the board behind her, and talked about that letter.

She said, “I officially have retracted my signature from that letter that was issued to Mark Sargis that we all signed, because I was under the misunderstanding or impression that it was to be sent to him privately and it was made public. And I take it that it could have been potentially causing a defamation of character.

“It’s against my ethics and morals. I was misled. I would never sign that letter, so I’m taking my signature off of it because I don’t agree with that.”

Click below to hear her comments:

On May 14, the board addressed a letter from Sargis that alleged the park district letter contained factual errors and statements that are false and misleading. The letter requested a public retraction letter from the board or he would consider filing a civil lawsuit for defamation and false light.

At the May 14 session, a motion to “request that legal counsel engage in a settlement discussion with Mr. Sargis pertaining to the threat of pending litigation” failed on a 3-2 vote. Favoring the motion were Lynn Ulmer and Greg Sanders. Barb Smith, Joellen Vohlken and BJ Schneck opposed the motion.

The park district currently does not have legal counsel. At a special meeting on June 3, the board approved a motion,  5-0, to begin a search for legal counsel options since Silver Lake will no longer be representing the district.

Regarding the original letter to Sargis, the official minutes still state the letter was approved on a 5-0 vote of the board.

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