Smithboro Teen Faces Multiples Charges

Douglas A. Bryant, age 18, of Smithboro, was arrested by Greenville Police the night of June 6 and has been charged with four criminal offenses.

The felony charge is obstructing justice, which alleges Bryant, with the intent to prevent his apprehension, furnished a Greenville police officer false information; by relating to the officer he was not driving a vehicle, knowing that information to be false.

Two of the three misdemeanor charges are for aggravated assault with the other for disorderly conduct.

One aggravated assault count alleges that on June 6, the defendant used a device manufactured and designed to be similar to a firearm, and knowingly pointed the pellet gun  at a man, stating he would shoot him, thereby placing the man in reasonable apprehension of receiving a battery. The other count alleges the same action and adds it occurred in a Greenville parking lot.

The disorderly conduct count alleges Bryant, while in the parking lot, brandished a realistic handgun in front of a large crowd, in such an unreasonable manner as to alarm and disturb others and provoke a breach of the peace.

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