HHS Dance Team Wins One State Competition, Off To Next

The Highland High School Dance team recently won the state championship title at the IHSA state competition. Coach Michelle Deets told us their team will be off to another state competition this Saturday.

“For IHSA, we’re only allowed to bring one routine and compete that one routine against everybody else’s. We have a jazz routine, and we competed against a hip hop, a kick, a lyrical. So for IHSA, which is the one we won two weeks ago, it was all genres of dance competing against each other for that state title,” Deets said. “In the other organization we compete in, which is IDTA, it’s broken down into categories, so that’s where we’ll be competing this coming Saturday.”

Deets said she is very proud of the hard work and commitment the members of the dance team have shown and said that’s a large part of their success.