Greenville College To Launch Competitive Fishing Club

As competitive fishing increases in popularity among high schools and universities in the region, Greenville College will officially launch their competitive fishing club next year. College President Dr. Ivan Filby visited the WGEL studios recently and told us he is delighted about the new addition.

“One of the guys who works at the college is a competitive fisherman and he said, ‘I’d just really like to build a club.’ So this last year he’s been starting a club and we want, next year, to really launch that as a competitive club in collegiate competitions,” Filby explained.

“What is great is we’re getting guys and gals who want to do this who don’t always want to do some of the other activities we have at the college, but they just fit and they love it.”

For more information on Greenville College Athletics, visit their website at or call 664-6622.

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