Greenville College To Offer Men’s Volleyball

Greenville College is expanding their athletics department next year with the addition of men’s volleyball.

“With athletics, one of the things we’re starting next year is we’ve decided to start a men’s volleyball team,” College President Dr. Ivan Filby told WGEL. “We’ve had a really great women’s volleyball team for many years now and we’ve decided that the men need to get into the action.

“What’s amazing, I didn’t realize, volleyball is a really growing sport for men in the St. Louis area and Chicago area so we see this as a natural fit. We have an outstanding women’s volleyball coach, Tom Ackerman, just known locally and loved locally and he’s going to help us to move into that area.”

Filby said the college is also introducing a competitive fishing club next year, another sport that’s been growing in popularity in the area.

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