Unit 2 To Participate in St. Joseph’s Concussion Program


The Bond County Unit 2 Board of Education has approved participation in the Athletes Advantage program to assist in the diagnosis of concussions received while involved in sporting events.

Greenville High School Athletic Director, Joe Alstat said Unit 2 is partnering with St. Joseph’s Hospital in Breese and baseline testing of student-athletes has already begun. Click below for more:

Unit 2 was the first area school district to join with Breese Hospital in the program. There is no charge to students, parents or the school district for the baseline test. There will be a one-time fee assessed for a first post-concussion test.

Jamie Wagner, program coordinator at St. Joseph’s Hospital, said the program gives medical personnel an objective way to know if an athlete, who has suffered a concussion, is ready to return to play.

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