Bluejays Tuesday Track Results

In their meet Tuesday, the Greenville Junior High Bluejays 7th grade boys and 8th grade boys and girls teams finished first. The 7th grade girls teams took second place.

The Bluejays won the following events:

8th grade girls 4×100: Feaster, Bone, Simpson, Brand

8th grade boys 4×200: Doty, Doll, Tipsword, Kessinger

8th grade boys 4×400: Langel, Kessinger, Tipsword, Woods

7th grade girls 4×100: Iberg, Willis, Craver, Suess

7th grade girls 4×400: Valentin, Suess, Craver, Tipton

7th grade boys 4×200: Gaffner, Bauer, Gardner, Sussenbach

7th grade boys 4×100: Bell, Weber, Johnson, Hilmes

7th grade boys 4×400: Bell, Weber, Hilmes, Gaffner