Unit 2 Coaches Rehired


The Bond County Unit 2 School Board has rehired coaches for fall and winter sports.

The high school coaches include Todd Hutchinson, Todd Cantrill, Mark Jurgena, Jim Romack and David Clark in football; Alison Hall and Alison Venhaus in volleyball; Chance Vohlken and Shane Saylor in boys’ soccer; Vaughn Robart in girl’s tennis; Todd Cantrill, Adam Doll and Aristede Ephron in boys’ basketball; Kolin Dothager and Quinton Hammann in girls’ basketball; Amanda Simpson in basketball cheerleading; and April Watson for the dance squad.

At Sorento School, Brooke Chilovich is the cheerleading coach and Christina Pashia coaches volleyball.

Pocahontas School coaches are Donald Smith for girls’ basketball, Harold File for boys’ basketball, Johnnie McNeece for cheerleading, and Tracy McEvers for volleyball.

At the Greenville Junior High School, Gina Allen and Lori Alstat coach girls’ basketball; Parker Manhart and Trevor Stoecklin coach boys’ basketball; Krystine DaCorte is the volleyball coach; Gayla Brauns is cheerleading coach; and Scott Esker, Kolin Dothager and Quinton Hammann coach track.

The board must still fill the high school boy’s and girl’s golf positions plus the boy’s and girl’s basketball coaching spots at Sorento School.

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