Whitetails Unlimited Donates To IDNR

Kirby Knackstedt (Committee Member), CPO Lentz and Greg Zykan (Chapter President).

The Shoal Creek Chapter of Whitetails Unlimited made an equipment donation to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources by presenting them with a FLIR, or Forward Looking Infrared Radar, monocular. Conservation Police Officer Lentz accepted the donation.

This monocular will provide exceptional see-in-the-dark capability as well as the ability to “see” thermal signatures in any light condition. Heavy rain, fog, and other obscurants dramatically degrade photonic vision, however this monocular will provide usable thermal imagery under almost every natural and man-made obscurant, day or night.

This FLIR monocular can detect temperature differences by emitting infrared (IR) energy (heat) at differing rates and then displays them as a picture of the viewed scene. This can assist the IDNR in various ways, including locating poachers and looking for a missing person.

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