IHSA Puts Basketball On Hold


Increased cases of COVID-19 in Illinois has led to high school basketball once again being put on hold.

After a board meeting Thursday, the Illinois High School Association announced that to maintain compliance with the most recent mitigations issued by the governor, the board is pausing all IHSA winter sports and activities.

The board plans to discuss the situation when it meets December 2 and December 14.

IHSA Executive Director Craig Anderson said the board believes that early to mid-December will be a reasonable target to review the status of IHSA winter sports and activities.

He added the board is sensitive to the scheduling difficulties these delays create for athletic directors and coaches, however, our experiences this summer and fall lead us to believe setting arbitrary start dates hinders the process even more.

The IHSA board was steadfast in reminding all athletes and athletic programs that adhering to the mitigations is vital to the hopes of safely playing high school sports in Illinois as soon as possible.

Once winter sports can be conducted, a new start date will be announced by the IHSA. Conditioning and weight training have been put on pause, and all indoor open gyms also are not allowed.

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