Some Sports Allowed, But Not Yet For Bond County

The Illinois High School Association board met Wednesday and agreed to allow some boys and girls basketball to begin.

The problem for Bond County schools is the decision pertains to those regions with a Phase 4 mitigation level. Bond County remains in a region at Tier 2, which means it would have to move into Tier 1 then Phase 4 before schools could play games.

For now, Tier 2 teams can practice with no contact, but by state guidelines they cannot play games. Those schools in Tier 1 can hold practices and intra-squad games in basketball, but no games against other schools are allowed.

Unit 2 Superintendent Wes Olson told WGEL the region has met all Tier 1 mitigations with the exception of the number of ICU beds available.

Teams must practice seven days before being able to play a game. Basketball will end March 13 and there will be no state series.

IHSA guidelines will require all student-athletes to participate in masks, and all game personnel, not participating in the contest, to also wear masks.

The number of people at games will be limited to more than 50 for schools in Phase 4.

Cheerleading in Bond County is also being affected by the Tier 2 situation. Since it is a low-level risk sport, squads can have contests within their conference and region.

Cheerleading will have a virtual state series on the dates of March 6 and 12.

Bond County’s Region 4 is the only one in the state at Tier 2. Five regions are at Tier 1 and 5 at Phase 4.

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