Greenville Country Club Wins 1st Annual Donnewald Cup

Holding the Cup (Center) team captain Steve “Romy” Rommerskirchen - to Steve’s right and left also holding the cup is co-MVP’s of the tournament Mark Bollinger and Troy Micenheimer. Also pictured: Cole Pickett - Denny Lloyd - Bob Howard - Michael Wernle - Clint Hamel - Gage Brauns - Gator Brauns - John Helige - Jeff Koontz - Gary Brauns - John Karnowski - Bobby Koontz - Kenny Brown.

This past weekend, October 2nd and 3rd, Greenville Country Club competed in a Ryder Cup style golf tournament against Governors Run Golf Course. 16 members from GCC vs 16 members from Governors Run and after 2 days of play Greenville Country Club came out on top by a score of 19 to 13 to win the 2021 (1st annual) Donnewald Cup. This 1st annual event was held at Governors Run Golf Course in Carlyle, IL. Next year the event will be held here at the Greenville Country Club and the location will alternate every year.

Click below to hear Greenville team captain Steve Rommerskirchen talk about the new event:

The event consists of 32 golf matches over a 2 day period, each match is worth 1 point. 16 matches played on Saturday – 16 matches played on Sunday. After Saturdays play GCC was leading Governors Run by a score of 9 to 7. 1st team to reach 16.5 points wins the Donnewald Cup. When Sunday morning play began, Greenville only needed 7 wins and one tie to reach the magic number of 16.5.

With Sunday match wins from Mark Bollinger – Troy Micenheimer – Cole Pickett – Gage Brauns – Gator Brauns – John Karnowski – John Helige – Clint Hamel and Jeff Koontz and ties from Gary Brauns and Kenny Browm, Greenville Country wins the 2 day tournament in a convincing manner.

After Sunday play Mark Bollinger and Troy Micenheimer were named tournament Most Valuable Players. Mark and Troy did not lose a match all weekend gaining 4 of the 19 GCC points. Congratulations to team captain Steve “Romy” Rommerskirchen for putting together this championship team and best of luck next year when they will defend the title here at Greenville Country Club.

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