Pickett & Brauns Set Tournament Record

Gage Brauns (left) & Cole Pickett

On Saturday, 8/6 the Greenville Country Club hosted its annual Member/Guest Golf Tournament. 37 two person teams participated in the event. The annual event is a 27 hole tournament with 3 different golf formats; the first nine holes is played as a 2 person Best Ball – the second 9 holes is played as a 2 person Scramble and the final 9 holes is played as a 2 person Alternating Shot. Cole Pickett and his guest Gage Brauns, originally from Greenville currently living in Columbia, MO., not only won the event, but set the Member/Guest Tournament record shooting a score of 14 under par 94. After 18 holes of play Pickett/Brauns were tied with Clint Hamel and his guest Dan Weiler, from Edwardsville, IL., both teams had scores of 11 under par 61 at this point of the tournament. It all came down to the last 9 holes which is the Alternating Shot format. In this stage of the tournament the Champions were able to overtake the Hamel/Weiler team defeating them by two strokes.


1st place: Cole Pickett and Gage Brauns

2nd place: Clint Hamel and Dan Weiler

3rd place: Michael Wernle and Ray Carlton

4th place: Wally Lauchner and Gary Bargetzi

The Champions had this to say after the event: “Tied for 1st after 18 holes with Hamel & Weiler we thought we had a chance to win it all. Then we birdied 3 of the first 4 hole in the Alternating Shot format, so it came down to just finishing the final 5 holes without any major blow-ups. We grew up together, winning this Tournament is very special. We tip our caps to Club President Gene Kious and Jake Houchlei for the fantastic meal provided and to all the teams today, the competition was outstanding, and the golf course is in fantastic condition. Bryan Braye and his staff do a wonderful job here at Greenville County Club. Finally, a big shout-out and thank you to the tournament director Steve “Romy” Rommerskirchen he does an outstanding job, this is a great event we will be back next year to defend our title.”

Below are the results of the remaining winning teams:


1st place: Mark Bollinger and Reno Bollinger

2nd place: Ben Barth and Chris Barth

3rd place: Roger Lloyd and Joe Kelly

4th place: Doug Fletcher and Senator David Luechtefeld


1st place: Ky Stoecklin and Scott Eaton

2nd place: Mike Eaton and Todd Eaton

3rd place: Ryan Reavis and Brain Farnsworth

4th place: Senator Frank Watson and Charlie Hester


1st place: Greg Sandifer and Gary Adams

2nd place: Jace Keaster and Jay Peterson

3rd place: Dusty Bauer and Dave Willis

4th place: John Karnowski and Josh Wesselman

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