Greenville Jr High Cheerleaders Do Well At Competition

The Greenville Junior High cheerleading squad took a trip north over the weekend to compete.

Coach Gayla Brauns said the team performed well with first and second place finishes.

The team traveled to Knoxville, Illinois and spent the night, says Coach Braun.

For more details, listen below:

Cheerleaders at Greenville Junior High are Addy Bauer, Envy Beil, Maci Bone, Laura Craver, Jocelyn Crites, Lydia Ealy, Olivia Goodson, Avery Hentze, Emree Joiner, Mia Mains, Payton White and Mel Wickman.

Assisting Brauns with coaching are Lexie Griffin and Lily Prater.

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