Helige/Karnowski Win Scotch Doubles Bowling Tournament At 4th Street Lanes

John Karnowski (left) John Helige hold the Scotch Doubles Championship Trophy.

This past Sunday, November 19th, 4th Street Lanes in Greenville hosted a Scotch Doubles 9 pin no tap bowling tournament. Under the rules of scotch doubles, teams consist of two players who alternate shots throughout the game. Nine pin no tap, indicates if you knock down 9 pins on the first ball (i.e., leave one standing) count it as a strike.

Twenty-eight bowlers (14 teams) signed up to play in this very exciting bowling event. The tournament consisted of bowling four games in a row. In order for all skill levels of bowlers to have a chance to compete, this tournament is handicapped giving pins to teams with higher handicaps. After completion of four games the top five teams compete in a TV style “Roll Off”. This means, 5th place plays 4th place in one game, winner plays the 3rd place team, winner of that game plays the 2nd place team, and the winner of that game plays the 1st place team for the Championship. Below are the results from Sunday’s big event at 4th Street Lanes:

After 4 games of play:
5th place: Scott Riggins & Doug Jones – 991 pins
4th place: Ky & Tev Stoecklin – 1002 pins
3rd place: Tyler & Jordyn Young – 1019 pins
2nd place: Brandi & Ty Sexton – 1032 pins
1st place: John Helige & John Karnowski – 1037 pins

Results of the TV style roll off:
Round one: Riggins & Jones defeated Team Stoecklin (Team Stoecklin awarded 5th place)
Round two: Team Young defeated Riggins & Jones (Riggins & Jones awarded 4th place)
Round three: Team Young wins again defeating Team Sexton (Team Sexton awarded 3rd place)
Round four: In a very close & exciting match, where it all came down to the 10th frame, John Helige & John Karnowski defeated Team Young in front of what turn out to be a large crowd of spectators. (Team Young awarded 2nd place)

John Helige and John Karnowski (Team JJ) were crowned Fall 2023 Scotch Doubles Champions.

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