Tips To Deal With Everyday Stress

During the holidays we are busy with the hustle and bustle and family and friends, but after all the hubbub we stress out about how much money we spent, if everyone liked the gift we gave, if we gave enough, or too much.

Stress is an expected part of our daily lives. Dealing with it so that YOU control IT rather than vice versa is important and positive force in controlling your life. Prairie Counseling Center encourages you to try a few of these tips.

1. Accept what you cannot change. Learn the Serenity Prayer from AA and follow it! Change what bothers if you can, if you cannot change it, learn to live with it.

2. Face up to your problems. Deal with them as they are, and not what you think they are. Deal with one problem at a time.

4. Be flexible. Give in once and a while. If you do, others will too.

5. Don’t hold all of your worries inside—talk it out. Frequently we swallow our unhappiness (along with candy, cake, ice cream, etc.) because we can’t or won’t let the problems out. Talk to someone. A burden shared is much less of a burden.

6. Work off Stress. Physical outlets for stress help your body to fight off many of the negative results of stress. Exercise not to lose weight but to lose negativity.

7. Get enough rest/relaxation/sleep. Lack of sleep and rest will only make matters worse for you.

8. Avoid “self-medication.” A “spoonful of sugar” may make the “medicine go down,” but it doesn’t help your body’s physical stress, thus making dealing with emotional stresses much harder. Sugar, alcohol, nicotine, and ice cream may all feel good going down, but they make matters worse— from the inside.

9. “Stop and smell the roses.” Have some fun. Relax.

10. Do something for others. Doing something for others makes people feel better about themselves.

11. Be the “captain of your ship.” If you are not happy with your life, think about what’s making you unhappy, and then plan the necessary actions to change it. Work on your relationships with those who share your life.

Prairie Counseling Center provides mental health and substance abuse treatment as a part of Bond County Health Department. Other services at Bond County Health Department include Dental Services, Immunizations, WIC, Family Planning, Family Case Management, and Healthy Families America. For questions regarding any of these services, please call Bond County Health Department at (618)664-1442 or visit them on the web at

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