City Council Acts On Parking Space & Misc. Equipment


At its recent meeting, the Greenville City Council approved an ordinance amendment to add a parking space in the downtown area for persons with disabilities.

The space will be on the east side of Second Street, between College and Main avenues, and will be marked and signed at the first space south of College Avenue.

Previously, a handicapped parking space, on that side of the street, had been located in front of the SMART building, however it was eliminated when the city built the Second Street patio.

The council approved the purchase of a new computer and on-board cameras for a new police vehicle, which was bought in June, but has yet to arrive. The cost for the computer and cameras is $14,821.31.

The council has purchased a new influent pump for the sewer plant at a cost of $28,915. This includes maintenance inspections and a five-year limited warranty.

The old pump could not be repaired.

The chlorine dioxide unit at the water plant has been repaired at a cost of $3,447.20.

Repairs to the street sweeper cost the city $7,284.57. The fan and vacuum blades had to be restored to good condition.

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