More In Person Learning For Unit 2


Students will soon be doing more in person learning at Unit 2 Schools.

Superintendent Wes Olson announced that 3rd through 8th grade students currently in the Hybrid learning program will go back to 4 days of in school learning on November 9th. In a statement on the Unit 2 website Olson said.

“At this time, Bond CUSD 2 is planning on having in-person students in grades 3-8 transition to 4 days a week in-person beginning November 9th. This coincides with our phased approach. We will consider returning grades 9-12 over the next few weeks but at this time, HS students remain in the hybrid A/B model. The daily schedule remains the same. We will continue our mitigation efforts of stringent cleaning standards and social distancing to the greatest extent possible. I want to be clear, when we transition to more students in the building, we decrease our ability to social distance at all times and potentially risk more incidents of quarantine. However, our students have educational and social/emotional needs that are best met by increasing in-person learning. If families are not comfortable with this transition, our online learning option remains available”

Parents wanting more information are encourage to call the Unit office at 664-0170.

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